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the steps FROM filling in this form TO publishing your tale.

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Words: 55 - 75 Purpose: should give the brief background of you so reader can get a sense of you are. Questions: 1. What have you studied and where? 2. How did your career developed? 3. Where did you grow up and where did you study? 4. How long did you work for when you made a switch. 5. Why did you choose this study and career path?
Purpose: sum up yourself in 5 words to trigger readers to read the entire article. Include 1 thing that’s unusual/personal/funny about you.
Words: 80 – 100 Purpose: Explain what triggered you to make a change in your life. Interview questions: 1. What triggered you to make a change in your professional life? 2. Can you explain how much time this took? To make the switch. 3. Was there a particular person/moment/thing that happened in your life that made you want to make a switch?
Words: 80 – 100 Purpose: Give a good idea of what this is that you do now. This is your PR tool! Use it :) but don't make it sound like we want to sell anyone anything. Interview questions: 1. What is it that you do? 2. What is the product/service you sell exactly? 3. Where do you do what you do?
Words: 100 - 120 Purpose: give a good understanding of how you started. The exact steps of giving up the security lets say. Interview questions: 1. How did you start with bringing this idea to life? 2. Where there particular people helping you? 3. Did you make a business plan? How long was it? 4. How long did it take you to set this up?
Words: 60 – 80 Purpose: Give a honest view on how much this costed to set up and if you’re able to make a living out of this yet. Interview questions: 1. Can you live with the money you make? 2. How long did it take you to start being able to live with the money you make? Or when do you expect to do so? 3. How did you manage to develop your ideas (financially)? 4. How much money did you need to set this up and how did you get this money?
Words: 3 – 5 bullet points, each max 30 words – not more than 120 in total Purpose: Give an honest view on the road less travelled. Interview questions: 1. Where there major pitfalls and how did you overcome them? 2. Is there something you wish you knew before? 3. What are the difficulties in your new life?
Words: max 20 words per sentence Purpose: Share your acquired knowledge with a bigger audience so they can learn from you! Interview questions 1. What have you learned and what would you like to share with someone wanting to do something similar as you? 2. Did you read or watch anything that has inspired you that much you want to share? 3. What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned in this process? 4. What tips did you wish you had received when you started up?
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