The Current

Photography: Eleni Karathanasi

Photography: Eleni Karathanasi

Staring over the Douro river with its peaceful and tranquil current I wonder how on earth we ever come to think that we could control our own life’s current. It’s like one of the waves in the current tries to go backwards. It’s impossible. It’s a deception. And so is our resistance to what life brings us. You can’t control life, you can try to swim against the current but the powerful mass of water will eventually exhaust you. That way is not the way. Our way is just as the currents river; peaceful and tranquil. "Going with the flow" as they say.

There is no point in resisting or trying to take control over it. It’s a battle you’ll never win. You’ll get exhausted, tired, and eventually powerless. It's inevitable that you'll give up.

Let’s just stop swimming against the current. Let’s stop being upset or angry about something, not satisfied about our lives, not happy about what the flow of life brings us.

Let’s just surrender into the current and look at those beautiful fishes below. The bright blue sky above. Feel the sun warming up our cheeks. And let’s try to enjoy the always-changing view of the people & the places & the houses & the countries and everything your eyes could possibly grasp before the scenery has completely changed again.

Absorb, live all of it, every moment, again and again. Be the observer and just enjoy the ride.

Swimming against it has no point - forward is the only way. Look forward – onwards.

Relax and don’t forget to smell, feel, listen and taste whilst you watch.

That current. That’s life. Embrace it. It’s all we’ve got. 

Eleni MerakiComment