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Hi, I’m Eleni.

And I am dedicated to get you

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from where you are

to where you are supposed to go


 the 4 to 12-week

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3 pillars

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I have coached and interviewed over a 100 people on this transformational journey. Whilst working in the advertising industry and pursuing a so-called “career” I came to realize that that 9-5 life wasn’t making me happy and actually wasn’t making the majority of my coworkers and friends happy either. I saw something going terribly wrong in the world. Why do we live lives we don’t like? Why do we pursuit careers that end up not fulfilling us?

I started my career-shifters blog Guts & Tales, eventually quit my job and graduated in Modern Psychology. I have been trained by one of the most successful therapists and coaches in the world, Alistair Horscroft, known for his TV series "The Life Guru" on Discovery Channel.


My mission is to help you transition from making a living to making a life.

Cause, an extraordinary life is not only reserved for a selected few.

It's there waiting for you too.