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Building the life that makes you feel alive.



I'm Eleni

founder of Guts & Tales, coach, writer and a relentless optimistic realist -  dedicated to support you in chasing your dream life.


If you can relate to any of this you're in the right place


I've got too many ideas in my head.
I have no idea what I want to do.
I am bored in my current job (and life).
I think I have chosen the wrong study and career path.
I feel overwhelmed and stuck.
I am searching for meaning and purpose in my job/life.
I am frustrated at myself of feeling unhappy with my life.

Looking at my manager I think "I don't want your job".
Giving up my security scares me.
I've lost touch with myself.
I've no clear idea what my true passions or talents are. And actually questioning if I even have them.
I don't seem to find any job exciting when I look around.
I am scared I'll fail if I take a leap.



Eleni is capable of going straight to the heart of the matter and pinpoint what it really is what matters to you most - away from the expectations of others, status quo or your own prejudice.  Eleni is a very smart and empathic woman - very sensitive to her clients' needs whilst at the same time able to gently guide you to where you need to be.

- Emily, Amsterdam



After each session, I had a clearer idea of what I wanted and I became more and more motivated. In moments of doubt, Eleni gave me some useful keys and tricks to stay confident and trust myself. I still use them everyday! 

- Lena, Athens




We'll work on getting you in the right mindset, creating a solid inner base and an achievable plan. The length of the coaching program depends on where you're at in your life/career shift. The free intro session is designed to give you a clear picture of where you're at and which approach is best suited for you.


THE 4 pillars


On your life values and dreams
On your talents, passions, skills and interests
On your available and attainable options



Spotting and eliminating destructive self-talk.
Silencing the critical inner voice.
Discovering, listing and embracing your strengths and talents.


Creating an attainable step-by-step plan for your transition. Including a testing and validating phase so you can minimize your risk factor.



Moving through your own personal obstacles. Working on your fears, false assumptions and limiting beliefs. E.g. to do with finances, the unknown, giving up security.


What to expect from coaching

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· 1 hour coaching via Skype
· Flexible times

Have your coaching sessions whenever and from wherever you are. At work, in your favourite cafe, at home. All you need is a good internet connection, pen and paper. I try to accommodate you as much as I can with slots available before and after regular working hours; whether you are based in London, Sydney or New York.



· 24/7 support

A solid support network is very important on this path less travelled. I am dedicated to help you move forward into the life of your dreams and am offering my support whenever needed outside of our scheduled sessions. Cause the journey is never a straight line but rather a zigzag of contradictions. And you'll be prepared for that.



· weekly action points

Consistency is key. I will be holding you accountable for your weekly action points. Keeping you on track and disciplined throughout the entire process and serving as a stick to keep you on the right track.


eleni meraki guts and tales


The coaching sessions with Eleni helped me to get the confidence and belief in myself, first and foremost. They also helped me to create a solid and achievable plan. I've never been so dedicated in my life.

- Rob, Amsterdam



My experience with Eleni as my coach was an extremely quick and thorough breakthrough in my seemingly unsolvable problems resulting in achieving clarity in the most exciting way.

- Myrto, Athens




30-minute intro coaching session


- Get clarity on which stage you are in your life/career shift. 

- Understand if coaching is the right approach for you.

- First step in getting it going for yourself.

- You're committed to nothing.


Private coaching packagES

Price: €250 - €750 per 4 weeks*

- Minimum of 4-week commitment. 

- One hour private online coaching sessions per week.

- Unlimited WhatsApp support throughout the entire journey.

- Guaranteed weekly progress on building your dream life.


* I follow the pay-what-you-can-concept to be able to serve people from all walks of life.


There is no better day than today.

Just take the first step and you'll thank yourself later.

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