Past, Present and Future went on a roadtrip. Past couldn't stop talking about himself and so did Future. The three of them didn't get along very well. Both Past and Future fought for Present's attention making themselves bigger than they were. Meanwhile, Future was stuck in his guidebook, trying to find out everything about their next destination. Past occupied himself watching the photos he took the day before. Present tried to persuade them to look around and enjoy the ride but both Past and Future were too self-immersed. They couldn't stop talking about themselves. Present did not have a good time at all, didn't talk and only listened.

Until that one day Present decided he had enough. He had been listening to the fights between Past en Future and both had been trying to get Present on their side. Suddenly, present pulled over the car and walked away. At that point, they were in the middle of the desert with no sign of civilisation within a thousand of miles.

Present never returned and lived happily ever after.

Past and Future died because only Present was able to drive the car.


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