“Anna, shall I tell you something that might sound weird to you?”, she looked up at and didn’t seem annoyed I interrupted her from reading. Incredible how we both feel so comfortable in each others presence. We only met 9 days ago and after finishing our road trip through New Zealand’s North Island, we decided to explore Wellington together. We’re good friends but we don’t feel the need to put that in words.
“This is the first time in years I am having my breakfast and actually conscious about what I’m doing. Uninterrupted by my phone, daily tasks or distractions. I’m just here, having my breakfast” I continued. She looked at me with no judgment and answered: “Really? I always take time for my breakfast, every day. It’s the best part of the day.”
She was right, I always knew that but never actually did. Like knowing what you really love doing but keep your unsatisfying job.

This thought came up as I just hung up with my brother who I hadn’t spoken since I left. I talked more about myself than he did and that was allright. Like always, we finish our conversations asking what the plans are for the day. This time he only asked me because it was a new day in New Zealand and an old day in Amsterdam. Conscious about my life as a traveller I wanted to reply ‘Nothing much’ but that’s not the language I want to speak anymore. In fact, I’m not doing nothing today. I am going to have a coffee and just that. I will engage in conversations with strangers and just that. I will be walking around the city and just that. I will have dinner and just that. I will enjoy my day and just that.

That was the first time I realised that the situations I thought were not even worth mentioning, are the ones I most embrace when free.


Ps. The WiFi password here is ‘easygoing’