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dreamers, doers, shifters,

visionaries and generally

people with guts. 

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Our IN-HOUSE authors

kayla clements for guts and tales


Kayla is the founder/creative director of Una Volta Studio, a creative consulting and design studio that specializes in working with fine artists, commercial photographers, and stylists. She lives between Brooklyn, NY and San Diego, CA. 

Kayla is also the author of ‘Daytripper: 60 Days on the Road Exploring America’s National Parks’ - a woman-written, thoughtfully-designed coffee table book inspired by sixty days of #vanlife.

You can read Kayla's G&T-tale here.

elle arscott for guts and tales


Elle is a copywriter and digital creative from the UK. With a background in arts & museums, she currently lives in Athens, Greece where she works for a small marketing agency and enjoys the sunshine.




eleni meraki for guts and tales.jpg

Eleni Meraki

Eleni is the founder of Guts & Tales, coach, writer and multi-passionate entrepreneur with big dreams and a big mission; to empower you to live a life you truly enjoy living. She lives in Athens, visits her home town Amsterdam as much as she can and generally enjoys roaming the world.

You can read Eleni's Tale here.




ELeni & Stephania

back in 2015, on our balcony, where it all started


How we started

We, Eleni & Stephania, set up Guts & Tales in Amsterdam whilst both working very long days in the advertising industry. Eleni was a video producer and Stephania was an account manager. We were living together at the time and had this hours-long afterwork chats at the diner table. Both intrigued by the amount of colleagues and friends disliking their jobs this innate desire arose to do something about it.  We decided to bundle our talents and skills to create something of meaning in this world; to inspire and motivate people to stop doing things they don't like and start pursuing things they dó like. So many people seemed bored, frustrated and generally not happy with the lives they live. We believe that is such a waste of talent and it really doesn't have to be like that

We started off with stories in Amsterdam with a lot of support from our friends and colleagues at the time. Guts & Tales is now publishing tales from people all around the world; from New York to Athens. Our international team of collaborators is rapidly growing as we firmly believe that together we can have so much more impactful than alone. We all deserve to live a life we love.

Both Eleni and Stephania quit their advertising jobs back in 2015. Eleni is living in Athens and graduated in Modern Psychology. She is working as a coach, hypnotherapist, public speaker and continued her passion writing and working on this blog. Her first book is coming out in 2019.

Stephania is traveling and working in the Asia / Pacific region of the world and working on her first book. 

From making a living to making a life. 

With love, 

from all of us here on the other side of fear.