Thinking of changing your career or finally pursuing that dream you have?  In the process of discovering what it is what you want to do in life?  Feeling stuck in a life that doesn't seem yours? 

Welcome, you're at the right place. 


Hi, I'm Eleni.

A writer, coach, hypnotherapist, entrepreneur, relentless optimistic realist and dedicated to helping you live the life you wish for living.  


Well done for taking the first step.

You're in the right place. 

What if in 2 to 3 months from now you'll have a clear idea, a plan and the confidence and dedication to build the life you are longing for?  

It's possible and you can do it.

My mission is to help you live the life that is and feels trúly yours.

Your personal values, combined with your natural talents, acquired skills and interests is a winning recipe for success.

I help you create your personal and winning life-recipe.

In our one-on-one online private coaching sessions, over the course of 8 to 12 weeks you'll:

 create a solid inner foundation eliminating fear, destructive self-talk and limiting beliefs.

☑ gain clarity in your talents, gifts, personal values, skills and interests.

☑ build self-confidence.

☑ create an attainable plan to start building the life that really makes you tick. 

For complete transparency. This is what you can't expect:

☒ psychology consultations. Coaching is goal-oriented and solution-focused.  You'll work with tangible goals to make you move forward rapidly.

☒ a ready-to-eat meal or magic pill. You have to put in the work, commit, be consistent and dedicated to create the changes you wish to see in your life.

Now, you might feel some fear coming up. Don't worry, that's a normal reaction to something new.  But if that voice deep down has been nagging you to move. Then maybe, it's time to listen to that voice. You'll be thanking yourself for it. That, I am sure about.





I've been on this path of finding thát thing that truly makes me tick ever since I started working. Realising that many were walking there with me combined with my curiosity on how to acquire the inner and outer freedom to create the life that truly fulfils me, led me to interview over 100 people that have made a passion-driven career switch. I wanted to share this valuable information that each and every one of these people hold and I turned it into this blog. Resulting in me gradually shifting from the advertising industry into the career coaching path professionally.